About Us

This is what started it all.

These are the loves of our lives. They are spirited, adventurous, witty, curious and they LOVE make-up.

We have caught them in our makeup bags more times than we can count.

We wanted to create a make-up range, especially for our little loves (to keep them out of our make-up bags – fingers crossed) and your little loves.

A make-up range that won’t harm delicate skin, that is made of natural and nourishing ingredients, and is cruelty-free.

We spent hours playing around with oils, clays, beeswax, and natural pigments until we came up with formulations that worked. We do not use any harmful chemicals or toxic ingredients to set, smooth, or harden our make-up, so while they may not look like the perfect products that have come off an assembly line, you can be assured that each product has been carefully made and will be gentle on the skin.